Jesus in a Box...?

Monday, 10 March 2008

Do we ever put Jesus in a box? Do we restrict Him and hinder His work in us by the lack of our own imagination? Are we holding on to a traditional image of Jesus that we learned as children - gentle Jesus meek and mild etc?

Let me tell you how I got to that point! The picture to the left is of the legendary Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones; the whip wielding, snake hating, Nazi fighting archaeologist! What does that have to do with Jesus and what I'm thinking about?

Well, in John Chapter 2 v 15, we are painted a picture of a Jesus that differs from one you may have in your head...

"Jesus made a whip from some ropes and chased them all out of the Temple. He drove out the sheep and cattle, scattered the money changers’ coins over the floor, and turned over their tables."

Jesus wielding a whip? Throwing tables around? Maybe it is time we took another look at who Jesus was... Do you keep Him in a box?

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Spreading the fan base

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Hey wednesday adams just wanted to say I've been spreading your fan base here in South Africa. And also wanted to say sorry I never got to see the airing of the ATL show on tv cause they don't get those channels here for some reason!!! But when I get home i'll have to borrow someones copy. Raging I missed it!

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God is everywhere

Hey everyone, hello from S.A. I hear you may have heard my email last night. I hope everyone is well and enjoyed Castlewellen? God has been opening my eyes to his power and presence everywhere in South Africa. I have joined a church called Harvest Christian Church, it is just overflowing with God I can't wait to get to church every week. Last night though was the opening night of their on campus ministry and guess what's called:

Twenty20Destiny | Campus Ministry
A Student Revolution Impacting the Nation by Bringing About Positive Change
It just showed me how God works across continents, and it encouraged me so much and made me think of everybody at 20:20 at home. I miss all of you and look forward to getting back into WPC. For the first time I have truly understood what a church family is and it is the most wonderful feeling. Thank you all for your prayers I am safe and well and am making good friends here. God answers prayer! I joined a cell of girls from harvest and we've been discussing how to lead a person to Christ....What should you say when someone asks why are you a Christian or why should i become a Christian? So it has been really great as its something I have never felt very confidant in.

Last night at the twenty20destiny night some of our friends were in a drama that I just have to get a copy of for you. It blew me away....the most powerful thing I have ever watched. I don't wanna spoil it but it was about how 'other things' can separate us from God. God spoke right to my heart that moment and said 'I've always been here, waiting for you, wanting to be with you. I've been trying to reach out to you but things of this world have tempted you away. Please come back to me, I love you.' I was brought to tears at how I always seem to put other things before God and I recommitted my life when they asked people to stand as I just wanted God, nothing else, nothing else can satisfy, and I longed for Him, His presence beside my all the time.

Guys I just wanna say God holds out His hand to us at ever step in our lives and it's our responsibility to put our hand into His and say 'God I trust you, not my will but yours be done'.

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