Thanking God for Shatterproof Glass. . .

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Have you ever done something really stupid only to later sit back and wonder why you did it? To recollect the events only to find that you can provide no explanation as to why you took a certain course of action? Perhaps this is a common feeling for some of us, but not for me. However, as of last week I can now be counted part of the club!

Why? Because last week, in a moment of blind stupidity, I ran full smack into a window. I was in a cafe and in such a rush to get outside I must have decided that the door was clearly not an option. The clever man goes for the window instead!! Now in my defense the window was very clean, and one could easily have not realised that it was glass and not air in that gap! Like I said, I have often tried to explain what went on in my head, but I can't - it's just one of those things I suppose! The bonus is, since I broke the window, no one else will be running through it anytime soon!

But anyway, as I lay there half embarrassed to death and with concussion probably making up the rest, a thought came over me! Despite what's just happened I should thank God for small mercies:
- I had legs which enabled me to run, even into a window
- Had I required it, there was a hospital 2 minutes down the road
- I had friends around me who took care of me (while laughing hysterically I should add)
- I went home and had a bed to lie on

So next time you're stuck outside in the rain, Thank God that we have enough water. The next time you complain about homework, Thank God that you can go to school. And should the unfortunate happen to you and you run into a window, say thanks to God for all the many things you still enjoy, and perhaps most especially, the gift of Shatterproof Glass. . .

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Prayer to an Omnipresent God. . .

Friday, 12 October 2007

As some of you may know I was in Norway over the Summer and I thought I'd show you all a photo and share something that I learned! I think Norway must be one of the most beautiful places in the world - a fine display of God's artistry and creativity with Creation! In fact, surrounded by that Creation I felt the presence of God more than anywhere I've ever been! What was the natural response to that? I prayed, and it seemed like God was only an arm's length away! I was in a 'Cathedral' of Creation - whose walls were mountains and the floor was still water, and God was there with me! And yet, God was no closer to me there then He is right now! He was no closer then than He is when I'm having that crap day, when I feel like I couldn't be bothered, when the weight of the world is on me, when frankly God seems a million miles away! And so the next time you have one of those days, remember God and remember that He hasn't gone anywhere!!!!!

I recently read a wonderful thought on why we pray and I thought I'd share it with you! It's written by an old guy called C H Spurgeon:

"Prayer is in itself, apart from the answer that it brings, a great benefit to the Christian. As the runner gains strength for the race by daily exercise, so for the great race of life we acquire energy by the holy exercise of prayer. Prayer thins the feathers of God's young eaglets, so that they can learn to soar above the clouds. Prayer readies God's warriors and sends them out to combat with their sinews braced and their muscles firm. The praying believer comes out of his closet, even as the sun rises from the chambers of the east, rejoicing like an athlete about to race... Prayer equips human weakness with divine strength, turns human folly into heavenly wisdom, and gives the peace of God to troubled souls. We do not know what prayer cannot do!"

What a great thought! Why do we ever stop praying?

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