Cheeky Monkey but Amazing Grace!!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Hi everyone, hope you like the photo of the naughtiest little boy I know, who also happened to break my heart completely this month by daring to grow up and be big enough for school. It made me sad because I love and miss him, yet on Sunday morning I was sad too, as I had to take him out of church for being bold…VERY bold!! But it’s forgotten as my missing him and love for him, far outweigh any frustration I might have had at his disobedience. That’s how it goes. It gives me a tiny glimpse of God’s AMAZING grace towards me and of course all of you too. We do so many rotten things which sadden God, but as the Bible promises, his love for us is far beyond what we can humanly comprehend and that love is constantly forgiving, accepting, nurturing and calling us.

You know the friendships where you can completely be yourself and trust that your mate truly cares you? Well that’s how it is with God except in a much much greater way. When you believe that God desires your heart and loves YOU unconditionally…it changes you. What sort of mummy would I be if I didn’t give Zack a cuddle goodnight, even though I had had to tell him off beforehand? It just wouldn’t happen and God, as our Father, PROMISES to forgive us when we turn to him. No matter how ugly or rotten the thing we have done/said/thought, He will be merciful!

Remember that today and don’t stay away from God because you feel you aren’t ‘good enough’ for him. None of us are without Jesus, yet Satan will lie and tell you God won’t accept you and love you…everybody else yes, but not you. That’s clearly not what the Bible says and it must hurt God when we believe that lie, instead of receiving his life-giving love. Believe Him and accept His immeasurable love!!!

God bless you and bring on Friday night!!

Love Jen xox

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Leaders Retreat and Beach BBQ...

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Thought i would post up a few photos of the leaders retreat last weekend and the Beach BBQ last night to launch Fusion & 20:20 for the year. I've written a bit more about each of these on my own blog. Click here if you are interested!

Photos of Leaders Retreat in Donegal

Isn't this one fantastic!

Photos of Beach BBQ at Murlough...

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Fusion & 20:20 kicking off...

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Hello there folks, Fusion and 20:20 will be launching this terms activities this Friday night with a Barbeque at Murlough Beach. We will be meeting at the church car park at 6pm and should return around 10.30pm. The cost will be £3. If you would like to come along then please download a consent form by clicking this link. This also includes my contact details so you can let me know if you are going by WEDNESDAY 12TH SEPT.

See ya there!!!

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Holiday Bible Club 2007

Monday, 3 September 2007

I showed this video of Holiday Bible Club at church on Sunday morning. Thought people would like to see it again so here it is! I've also put up the Youth Week video but i have put it on my blog:

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