Romania and Back!

Monday, 18 August 2008

I have tried putting Romania into words for you, but honestly its impossible! I could talk about the 22hr  journey there, the thunder storms which kept us in Church, trying to wash 19 people with very little water, trying to get 11 girls to sleep, the children at the kids club, painting ceilings and mixing concrete, horse and cart rides, BBQs, Amys 21st birthday, campfires, throwing up due to the terrible roads, the ‘natural spas’, washing dishes for 250 people 3 times a day, setting up a kids camp half way up a mountain, crayons melting in the sun, goats invading our clubs, listening to 125 boys singing ‘Awesome God’ at the tops of their voices in Romanian, each child we came in contact with, the families we stayed with, watching the sun set in Hungary as we travelled 10hrs back to start the long haul home, putting 5hrs in at Luton airport twice, Mafia, Empires, bug bites, 35 degree heat, or singing! I could talk about any of those things in depth but I think as a member of WPC I want to tell you that you should be more than proud of each and every person who was part of our team!

From the word go, we have had 19 people who have not caused any major problems, 19 people who love God and want to serve Him, 19 people who can make you scream but also make you laugh 2 minutes later, 19 people who were willing to let God use them for His work and now 19 people who have had their lives changed due to this Exodus team without a shadow of a doubt!

In Romania, while all these things were going on, we had a tight community who prayed for one another, laughed with one another, cried with one another, made fun of one another but most importantly loved one another! I feel we have come to a point where we cant go back! The team was for sure the highlight of my trip, God changed lives in front of my eyes and I was privileged to be part of it.

Thank you for your prayers and support over the last 7 months, it didn’t go to waste, infact it was life changing! 


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